The Sheik retold by Victoria Vane


I always dreamed it would happen. That someday, someone would rewrite the classic novel The Sheik by Edith M. Hull. I didn’t think it would ever happen because the last thing you want is for the voice of Edith M. Hull to disappear and still there is so much to rewrite that it almost seems impossible to do.

Victoria Vane was brave enough to do it and with great success! The Sheik is still the book it was and yet so very different. It has all the important elements of the original book but it is now complete and ready for the 21st century. It feels as if parts were missing and Victoria Vane found them.

In her own words:

While I have taken a number of liberties in my re-telling, the main plot, characters, and descriptive passages are largely unchanged. I kept everything I loved and changed what I loathed. Although my version is not completely devoid of violence (to omit all of it would only have watered down Ahmed’s powerful alpha character), I have taken out the rape and animal abuse which I abhorred in the original. I have also thrown the bedroom door wide open.

And oh oh oh! Did she throw the bedroom door wide open! No doubt about that.
I loved what she did with the main characters. Diana is still a very strong and stubborn woman and Ahmed is still a very powerful alpha man. But because of the interactions and conversations between the two you now understand both of them so much better.

It took me two weeks to read the book because I did not want it to end. I knew, just knew that Victoria would rewrite the ending of the book. I was so curious! And I was right. Of course it’s still a happy ending but so much more satisfying now than in the original book.
A great read and highly recommended. I never thought this would happen and I will forever be grateful that Victoria Vane retold this story and made it come alive.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and others will follow soon!

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